M’s in a vintage shoulder-padded blouse feeling and looking like liquid gold—this blouse was found at Goodwill and was a green tagged item on Monday… Do you know what that means?! All green tags on Mondays are $1.29. Stay golden, ponyboy!

E’s in a soft red velvet wrap-around purchased through Poshmark (E is heavy in the game with the Poshmark world)! It was included in a bundle of 2 dresses, 2 sweaters and 3 long-sleeved shirts—all for $42 from a fellow Posher.

Accessories definitely add statements to already-gorgeous outfits if you’d like to glam yourself up! Speaking of accessories, did you know that ALDO isn’t just shoes? They also have accessories that will definitely have you getting a lot of double-takes and compliments!

We hope that you’re planning to join us at our ALDO event coming up very soon:


If you haven’t already, have an absolutely lovely day starting.. NOW!


M + E